Splash Containers

Splash Containers ... are our fast and affordable solutions for portable buildings.

There are heaps of benefits to choosing our flat pack and folding containers, but it boils down to what really counts ...

  • Save Time, Save Money, Save on Freight and Save on Labour!
  • Safe Materials, Safe Handling and Safe for all Weather Conditions.
  • Aesthetics ...  now you can afford to have good looking portables.

We are always adding to our range, so be sure to visit our main website at https://www.splashstructures.com to view what's new!

Splash Transformers ~ EWS

Introducing the Splash Transformers EWS (End Wall Series), our safe, strong and quick to install, insulated flat pack container shelters that were designed for industries on the move.  Ideal as offices, living quarters or storage sheds, they are the perfect solution for fixed or portable needs.

Transformers EWS are our first pick folding steel containers for aesthetics, strength, safety and price.

No wobbly or rusty bits, no toxic or dangerous materials, no bloat in wet environment, fully fire proof and no ribbed cladding that can be damaged after a couple of installs.    

Preferred insulation:  Pink Foam cement.  Maximized Fire Protection.

Transformers EWS are guaranteed for a minimum of 100 installs.

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  • We have replaced all end walls with a flat steel exterior which is tough enough to deal with workers boots without damaging the cladding
  • We now offer the same flat steel style and colour of the EWS Model. Flat steel handles knocks and bumps more aesthetically..
  • Essential Safety Lock Device to secure structure before men enter to raise end walls

Splash Transformers ~ SWS

Such a fantastic idea ... Simply raise flat pack with a crane or forklift and attach the end walls. After 10 minutes structures are lifted into place and ready to go. Nothing to misplace because it's all in the design.

We have made some critical modifications to the Transformers SWS in the last month ...  now they are suitable for the International Export Market.  

  • We have strengthened the folding ends and hinges with galvanised steel
  • Export models are now only Galvanised Steel Frames and Sandwich Panels with Pink Foam Cement 25 density, which is strong, none-toxic, none-bloat, none smell, none itchy, termite proof, fire-proof and none-melt.
  • Engineer Run Factory Guarantee 15 years.
  • Factory and Materials certified to Western standards.
  • New Hurricane beams available to strengthen structure for those in Cyclone Hurricane Regions

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All Steel Folding Containers

Great work horses and cheap as chips, Splash All Steel Folding Containers go up and down in under 30 minutes.  

Initially designed as portable storage for the mining and gas/oil industries, All Steel Folding Containers are perfect for any industry on the move. Flat or Ribbed Style. 

Splash All Steel Folding Containers are great lock up storage for all kinds of materials including chemicals, paints and other flammables.  Optional door types include roller doors,  PA Doors and Shipping Container Doors.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  Hurricane up to 242 kph.  Wheels available at extra cost for internal or fair weather use.   Factory Direct.

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